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Bicycle-based deliveries

Use our adapted cargo e-bike to complete deliveries around town

Whenever we can identify a safe route, we do everything on our Urban Arrow Tender.  (read more about how we settled in this bike in our recent blog on Kennett Outdoors). Here we are using our bike to pick up some of the hundreds of children's books donated to the Pop Up Lending Libraries, courtesy of of a highly successful book drive organized by National Honors Society students from Kennett High School.

We have begun to use these experiences to provide feedback to the Borough of Kennett Square about ways to make our town more bicycle-friendly.


Delivering and picking up food from Kennett Area Community Services

Unless it is raining or snowing, Margot does all her work with KACS via e-bike.  Every week we might be picking up 50 lb bags of rice to repackage, 25-50 lbs of potatoes and onions to bag for deliveries to seniors, or packaged food we use to re-stock the Little Free Pantries.  And we then will drop packaged rice or bagged potatoes/onions back at KACS. Click here to open the map in a new window.


Maintaining Pop Up Lending Libraries (PULL)

We are working to identify safe cycling routes to each of the PULLs located in Kennett so that we can restock up to 3 PULLs in one 60 minute outing at least once a week.

Restocking the Little Free Pantries 

The Little Free Pantries in Kennett are heavily used by the community, and so they must be restocked every weekday by volunteers.  We restock two pantries (by the YMCA and the Church of the Advent) once a week, carrying up to 60 lbs of food to the two locations... from pasta to tortillas to rice to cereal to cans of beans or vegetables or fruits the pantries.  We have identified the safest cycling routes to these sites (see below). 

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