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Join Margot in helping children in Kennett to read more

Updated: Mar 26

One of the goals of Kennett Ability Network is to identify volunteer opportunities that other youths like Margot can become involved in. To do this, we have to describe the activity in enough detail that others might imagine if and how they might become involved. To that end, we are happy to share the first in what we hope are a series of storymaps - in this case, describing how Margot helps to maintain the Pop-Up Libraries (PULLs) around Kennett set up by Arts Holding Hands and Hearts in collaboration with the Kennett Library.

In this as in other opportunities we will share, Margot has been so successful that she now has more work than she can complete on her own! Just last week, for example, AHHAH received hundreds of new and gently used children's books through a very successful book drive organized by Kennett High School students.... and each of these must now be labelled. An extra pair of hands could also help us to restock Kennett's dozen or so PULLs once every 2-3 weeks.

The storymap also provides details that can help others imagine how this could work for them. We describe the kinds of skills tapped and the progress made, to help imagine how this might align with the goals different youths might have. In Margot's case, for example, we were able to include a set of loading/unloading goals that can be generalized to other tasks. We also give examples of some of the specialized teaching methods, accommodations, and equipment used - for the PULLs, this includes an e-bike to facilitate delivery and make the whole activity more healthy and fun (you can read more about all the deliveries involving bicycles here and how these efforts evolved over time here). And the storymap format allows us to integrate pictures, videos, and links to other resources in a more interactive format.

Let us know what you think, and if you know someone who might help us here in Kennett or at one of AHHAH's other sites.



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