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Work at KAN

We are continuing to assemble our team of 2 to 3 people to work 50-60 hours each week between them.

A unique opportunity to not only provide training, support, and care to Margot - a delightful young woman with IDD - but to also help to extend innovative community-based programs of adaptive recreation and environmental stewardship for people with IDD.

We offer competitive salaries and an exceptionally  stimulating and supportive work environmentEmail us for more information.

Our Goals

1. To ensure 35-50 hours a week of direct support for Margot

Margot is a 22 year-old, non-verbal young woman with significant levels of IDD. Our goal is to provide her with 5 to 6 days a week of teaching / support at home and in the community.

2. To develop work, volunteer, and recreation programs for Margot and others 

We aim to do this in collaboration with local businesses and non-profits, while leveraging partnerships with agencies at the county, state, and national level. Read more about the programs we hope to build in Kennett here  


Despite her disabilities, Margot is a very active volunteer in our community.  You can see a partial list of her current activities here that we developed over the past year in Kennett, with the help of 2 to 3 days/week of direct staff support from the CHAAMP program at the Chester County Intermediate Unit.  

Our Team

Teacher/Community Services Coordinator (Part-time)

We want to talk with you if you are a teacher, behavior analyst, or other service professional who has been responsible for teaching new skills using behavioral techniques and who: 

  • Has experience working with people with Autism or IDD in school, residential, or adult settings

  • Can demonstrate good initiative and teamwork

  • Wants to work closely with others in our community eager to help people with IDD

  • Is tired of being buried under endless paperwork, participating in countless meetings, and completing pointless trainings

  • Is interested in helping to do research, write grants, and develop and deliver training.

You would to help to lead the program. You would would spend 1-2 days per week working directly with Margot and others like her and helping to support and supervise Direct Support Professionals.  You would spend the remaining time assisting in the development of new programs. Salary ranges from $27-$40/hour depending on experience.


Direct Service Professional (Part-time)

We also want to talk with you are active and enthusiastic, have experience working with people with Autism or IDD in a direct support position in school, residential, or adult settings, and are interested in working closely with parents and other team members.   

  • We are looking for individuals interested in committing at least 2 days per week for direct support.  For those interested in full-time work, we are prepared to coordinate with other families in the region seeking support. 

  • Salary starts at $20/hour, with opportunities to earn extra money

We know what it takes to prevent burnout.  Unlike many other settings, we provide time for 1:1 training and coaching, and build opportunities to plan lessons and prepare materials.  And we will support you in developing new programs and partnerships, and pursuing your own career interests.  All without endless meetings and paperwork.

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